Who is this masterclass for?

This masterclass is ideal if you’re a patient or a friend/family member of a patient or a health care professional searching for legal ways to access innovative medicine options.

Our experts will teach you everything you need to know to be able to start the suggested treatment by your doctor as soon as possible - regardless of where you live and where it’s approved. Step by step, you will understand legal regulations as they apply to medicines and learn about all the ways you can start a treatment with an innovative medicine so you have all the information to choose for your treatment.

Why take this Masterclass?

Early medicine access is a complex matter, it relies on medical development and approvals that vary between countries and involves dozens of different regulations, exceptions and access programs. This Masterclass helps you navigate them and become the leader in your own treatment journey.

  • You will understand and navigate medicine regulations and their exceptions.

  • You will be prepared to join the best program to access medicine that suits your circumstances. We cover everything from Clinical Trials, Early Access Programs, Compassionate Use and Named Patient Import.

  • We will teach you all about medicine approvals, availability and indications and how this affects your ability to get access to a medicine.

  • You will learn about how to take all this information to your treating doctor and make your case.

The Medicine Access Masterclass curriculum

The Masterclass would take approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours to complete.

    1. Why this course came to be

    1. The role of national regulatory agencies

    2. The typical regulatory process that medicine developers must go through to obtain a marketing authorisation

    3. Quiz time

    4. 1-question survey

    1. How reimbursement systems limit access to medicine

    2. Low GDP leads to limited medicine access

    3. Quiz time

    4. 1-question survey

    1. Reasons for the existence of exceptions to the regulatory process

    2. Off-label medicine use

    3. 1-question survey

    1. About clinical trials

    2. A-Who conducts clinical trials?

    3. B-What do patients have to do in a clinical trial?

    4. C-Why would patients participate in clinical trials?

    5. D-How can patients join clinical trials?

    6. Quiz time

    7. 2-question survey on the content of this chapter

    1. About Early Access Programs

    2. A-Who organizes Early Access Programs?

    3. B-Why would patients participate in Early Access Programs?

    4. C-How do Early Access Programs work?

    5. D-Benefits and challenges of Early Access Programs

    6. E-How can patients join Early Access Programs?

    7. Quiz time

    8. 2-question survey on the content of this chapter

About this course

  • 41 lessons

Patients we’ve helped

This Masterclass is led by our experts in medicine access who in > 6 years have helped patients from over 90 countries gain access to medicine. Read their reviews below.

“My experience with everyone.org (formerly TheSocialMedwork) has been excellent. My husband is battling ALS and they are able to source and deliver a very important product for us that is not available in the US. ”

Giselle Vargas (from Google review)

“They guide you and follow up from the time you order until the meds are delivered. It's stressful when you’re waiting for a package from another country which has to go through customs and FDA. The experts at Everyone.org (formerly TheSocialMedwork) dealt with all the details.”

Dan Dubansky (from Facebook review)

“Everyone.org (formerly TheSocialMedwork) literally saved my life. Thank you for bringing life into this world by helping people who cannot access a medicine only because of inefficient and outdated laws. Thank you.”

Pablo Zapata (from Google review)


  • What will I be able to do after completing the masterclass?

    The goal of the masterclass is to support you in accessing the best treatment for you, no matter who you are and where you live. After completing the masterclass, you will be able to choose which program best suits your needs of accessing a medicine and you will be well prepared for the paperwork involved.

  • Do I receive a certificate after completing the course?

    No. This is not an accredited university program, but a program from professionals to individuals to help them access medical treatments while fully informed.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    Payments can only be made online. We accept credit cards and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.

  • Do I get my money back if I’m not satisfied with the course?

    Yes. If you complete the masterclass and don’t find it useful, we will ask for your feedback and will give you a full refund.